CLOUDXCHANGE (CXC) is a small idea to build a network ecosystem for best path and low latency of IPs Network between all of the organizations who have operated an ASN to Content Provider through Carrier Provider over any Data Centers or Facilities.


CLOUDXCHANGE is a not-for-profit network ecosystem (Internet Exchange) based in Indonesia.

Governing Board

The members of the Governing Board serve as volunteers, without compensation, and are not authorized to indebt the IX or its Participants in any way.


CXC maintain and keep up to date PeeringDb records, for PeeringDB details please visit here.


CXC relies heavily on open source software from amazing developers across the world. Without the open source community, we would not exist! We'd like to give a huge thank you to some of the major projects we use to deliver our services:

ProjectMaintainerHow We Use ItWebsite
The BIRD Internet Routing DaemonCZ.NIC LabsRoute Servers
GoRTRCloudflareRPKI Origin Validation
ReactFacebookThis website UI library
TailwindcssTailwind LabsThis website CSS framework
Next.jsVercelThis website UI framework
Yii2YiisoftCX Portal website framework
LibreNMSLibreNMS ProjectMonitoring Statistics Collection
MRTGTobi OetikerMonitoring Statistics Collection
PythonPython Software FoundationAutomation Tool
Open Internet Exchange
Peering DB