Participants may expect a response for problem report from the CXC Team within the time-frame defined in the CXC Team Response Time column.

For issues initiated by CXC participants, participants are expected to respond within the time-frame defined in the Participant Response Time column.

TierSeverityEstimated ImpactExamplesCXC Team Response TimeParticipants Response Time
P1CriticalImpacting all participantsMajor equipment failure, bridging loop, DDoS3 hours or less4 hours or less
P2EmergencyImpacting CXC infrastructure, or one participantMinor equipment failure, software failure, filtering error8 hours or less1 business day or less
P3ImportantNon-service-impacting affecting one or more participantsSoftware bug, port errors, performance degradation1 business day or less2 business days or less
Layer 2 Problem
Directly Connected

If your port is directly connected to the CXC switch, please email the problem report to

Shared Port or Through Carrier Provider

If your port is shared with other participants or connected through the Carrier Provider switch, please contact your partner or Carrier Provider for first level resolution.

Layer 3 Problem

The CXC route server doesn't handle layer 3 forwarding, all network prefixes in the exchange network are directly NEXT_HOP to participants, please contact your destination participants if you have a problem with Layer 3 routing. The CXC Team will help to communicate between participants or give their contact information.

Other Problem

Other problem report is currently available via email, please email problem report to

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