By connecting to the CXC, it enables you to exchange Internet traffic directly with other participants who are connected to CXC.

Peering has served as the primary method of exchanging internet traffic between networks for decades.

Connecting to an Internet Exchange allows you to establish peering with hundreds of other networks across a single physical port. Members can setup or remove bilateral peering sessions with networks without the need to reprovision circuits.

Additional Services
Route Server

By Peering with the route server, you are virtually peering with other customers who are connected to the route server, and thus you are able to exchange routes with multiple operators without negotiating individually. By connecting to the route server and establishing peering, the user can receive the route of the carrier using the route server and/or publicize the user's own route.

Private Vlan

This optional service enables multiple logical networks to be superimposed on the same port.

Network Looking Glass

Network Looking Glass provides network routing information on the IXP infrastructure.

Speedtest Host Tool

Speedtest Host Tool tool for get detail of server.

CXC Program

CXC Program is a unique colaboration program between CXC and participants to grow and build the ecosystem. Anyone who interest make colaboration or an idea for CXC program feel fee talk to CXC Team at

Community Colocation

Community Colocation is collaboration between CXC and Facility Participants to provide colocation space for Network Participants and Carrier Participants.

Open Internet Exchange
Peering DB