Bogon Addresses

These prefixes are not globally unique prefixes. IETF didn't intend for these to be routed on the public Internet and will not be permitted on the CXC Network.

Address PrefixDescription route 'this' network private space carrier grade nat space localhost link local private space benchmarking TEST-NET-2 TEST-NET-3
Address PrefixDescription
::/0Default route
::/8+RFC4291 IPv4-compatible, loopback, et al
0100::/64+RFC6666 Discard-Only
2001:2::/48+RFC5180 BMWG
2001:10::/28+RFC4843 ORCHID
2001:db8::/32+RFC3849 documentation
2002::/16+RFC7526 6to4 anycast relay
3ffe::/16+RFC3701 old 6bone
fc00::/7+RFC4193 unique local unicast
fe80::/10+RFC4291 link local unicast
fec0::/10+RFC3879 old site local unicast
ff00::/8+RFC4291 multicast
Bogon ASNs

Private or Reserved ASNs have no place in the public DFZ. Barring these from the DFZ helps improve accountability and dampen accidental exposure of internal routing artifacts and these Private or Reserved ASNs will not be permitted on the CXC Network.

23456RFC4893 AS_TRANS
64496-64511RFC5398 and documentation/example ASNs
64512-65534RFC6996 Private ASNs
65535RFC7300 Last 16 bit ASN
65536-65551RFCIANA reserved ASNs
4200000000-4294967294RFC6996 Private ASNs
4294967295RFC7300 Last 32 bit ASN
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